Most Romantic Ideas To Celebrate Your First Anniversary

I can ensure you that after a year of relationship you know pretty well to have fun together.Don't you? Romantic, crazy and original idea are occurring in your head. But then you start to doubt. Because doesn't mean that your idea is good for both. There are many romantic ideas how to celebrate your first anniversary. Say 'no' to the routine and break the rules. Are you ready?

Couple Exchange

It's not recommended for jealous people. Be honest, you always wanted to try this one. So, why to wait? If you are really sure in your partner this thing will just improve the way you have fun together. It's summer, so let's swing.

Try something you never tried before

Imagine you always wanted to make love at some strange place. Or some new position. Or anything that might came to your mind. Well there is no better opportunity for this experiment than your anniversary. I hope your partner is same adventurist as you are. That's why you are together, no?

Repeat your first date

Or at least start talking about it. Yes, you remember the first time you noticed - Good, that is one hot piece of meat. I know your are smiling now. But we all did. Probably he did the same thing about you. It's time to ask, and laugh together. Now.

Get lost somewhere

You remember the word wonderlust. Go and search for it. It comes to those that search. New things are just around the corner and maybe you will try all the above mentioned if you and your partner get lost. Don't ask why neither where. It's not important. Neither how long. Just turn off your mobile, your email and give each other something worth to remember.

Hug more

Talk, walk and be honest. Try to make new habit from now on. Hug every day at least 5 min. Say at least once daily some nice word to each other. And tickle or tell some joke. It's so nice to see to soulmate laughing together. This is real present.

Do sport together

Any activity make people feel better, and that is the thing with couples. We need activity and need to feel better in couple. Did you had idea to start kite surfing, or diving? The moment came. And best of all that your anniversary can be just beginning of a new lifestyle.

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