5 Reasons You Should Consider Having Small Wedding

We live in the time of huge consumerism. And flashy lights of advertising are targeting us when we are not even aware of it. That’s why you think you need things that in reality are not important. That is the thing with the wedding. When you were still kid, you grew up with Disney movies. We were watching girls dressing marvelous dress and finally turning into real princess. All together with their Prince charming, sure. And all were saying the one “they lived happily ever after”. That’s all. No words about partnership, understanding, obstacles, sharing things.. Not a word. So you are pretty clear that’s not a real life. It was all lie. That we unfortunately still believe in. Yes, in life is important to be happy. Being happy is the most important. But true happiness is coming from us not from the things. Especially not from the dresses and luxury celebrations. Most of the people make wedding for others. That makes me sad, you know?! Because, it is all about you and your partner. Your future life together and things you will share. It’s not about your mom, his dad, or relatives. It’s not about the dress, and invitations, and makeup. Neither about band and food. Remember the moments and not the things, I say. So, here I will give you 5 great reasons why you should consider making small wedding. Ok? Stay with me..

1. You need to enjoy your day

Having many people around you, can be a pain in the a…
Balancing, to please everybody and finally to take millions of pictures with all them? Hmm, I don’t know what you think, but for me this is not ideal party. I want my closest people and him to be with me every day. And, on this day we can get together too.

2. It’s never about the place

Another day my friend told me how much she is planning to spend for the location of the wedding. “Come-on girl”, I told her. Your hubby's parents have a house with nice garden outside of town. Why you didn’t make the wedding there? “Well, we weren’t sure about the organization and decoration, actually I don’t know.”-was her answer. I couldn’t believe. Your friends and you will have the best time somewhere you can enjoy and be what you are. And garden or old parents house is the best place, for sure.

3. Dress, make up are not important

Well, I don’t say you should get married in you pyjama. Do you think it is necessary to have professional service and rented dress? Where you are going? To the Oscar’s night. Even if it would be Oscar’s red carpet, you would be getting it free. If you don’t know to make up yourself decent, then ask a friend who does. Believe me it will be her pleasure. As for the dress, if you are beautiful and happy, with any dress you will rock. Just choose something that fits you and your personality.

4. You will not disappoint your parents

They are the happiest people if you are happy. I know that pressure is big and it sounds demanding, but you need to say it clear. Your father doesn’t need his friends from the army, on your wedding.. This is your wedding, and he will get it. Eventually.

5. Get inspired

They are many; many things that you can do with the money spend on the wedding day. If you make small wedding, you can go on the trip of your life. Or learn something new. Or start finally your new business. Anything is possible.