Good Excuses Why You Shouldn't Get Married

We all dream about getting married and live happily ever after.That's might because we were told that getting married and having kids should be a goal in the life. But guess what..We were lied. When I think about it even movies and cartoons participated in this big lie. Forget about perfect husband and wife role and be the best person for yourself. Wake up from that dream and move "pink" glasses. It's totally fine to never get married. You just need to make yourself happy and nobody else. Ok? Let's make a deal. You start living your life now and I will give you good reasons why you shouldn't be worry about getting married. Sounds fine?

I thought so.

Visiting cool places

When married life starts it's all about both and possibilities that your partner is not that adventurous as you- are big. So don't waste your time and make someone happy. You know why, because you will end up at some old people residential place. Beach and sun are enough. Yeah.

You don't need one more parents

I know you immediately agree about that one. You mom is always giving you free advice and dad is worried about your life. Where are you going? With who? What you will do with your life?

You don't want to hear those not a single time. Never.

You want your house

Including your bed, and everything else. It's not about being selfish , but everyone needs a space from time to time. When you need a company you can call friends, or cute neighbor from second floor. Or buy a pet.

Don't need to fake anything

Pretending is a worse felling ever. And there is just one thing worst than that. Pretending all the time. Say it, you don't like how his mom is cooking, neither you like his sister and yes- you don't want to have kids! And that don't make you Hitler.

Don't get fat

It's a fact. 75% of the married people are over weight. Watching your old "single" jeans and remembering that times is not really funny, isn't it? You want to look good always, for yourself.

Wedding is overrated

You need to know the truth. People invented marriages because back in the times they couldn't have sex without permission. Those days are gone. Now you can have kids, sex and the relationship and have a good time meanwhile.

Do you still feel bad about being "not married"?

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